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Question: My husband is cheating on me. I just found out he has a child with this woman. We have been married for years. What am I entitled to if I get a divorce?

Steve’s Answer: You are entitled to an equitable (fair) division of marital assets (and debts), including such things as cash, real estate, vehicles, and retirement accounts. The Court will determine what is fair based upon Read More

Question: Can I write a divorce agreement stating child support payments will end at age 18 and not 23? My future ex-wife and I agree that child support can end at age 18. Can we put this in our agreement, or is it the law that child support must continue to age 23 if the child is in college? My wife's lawyer says that we need to write it as the law states and modify at age 18 if we want. Is this correct?

Steve’s Answer: Chapter 208, Section 28, provides that the Court may make child support orders for children over the age of 18 – therefore, Read More

Question: My daughter receives SSDI from her father and I receive child support. He claims that her benefit is being raised to $1000 per month and that he no longer has to pay child support. Is this true?

Steve’s Answer: It is possibly true. If he gets SSDI [Social Security Disability benefits], the amount of her dependency benefit would be added to his income and then child support would Read More

New Alimony Law

New Massachusetts Alimony Law Now in Effect

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Divorce, child custody, and property division can be extremely stressful for everyone involved.

If these issues aren't resolved properly, they can often come up over and over again, making an already tense situation worse. Finding and achieving the solution that's right for your family requires the help of an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

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At Zlochiver & Associates, we work with individuals from Newton, Needham, Watertown, Belmont, and Cambridge, as well as communities throughout the commonwealth, to develop a resolution that is right for each individual client. With more than 20 years of experience representing clients in family law matters, we have the experience, the knowledge, and the passion to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Some attorneys may give their clients an exaggerated expectation of what they could receive in their divorce—and then charge them an arm and a leg. At Zlochiver & Associates, we listen to our clients, analyze their situation with an experienced eye, and then give them a realistic analysis of their situation and provide realistic expectations. And we do it at a rate that works for them.

A new, cost-saving service: Limited assistance representation

We now offer limited assistance representation to our clients, a cost-effective option for many people. Limited assistance representation is when a lawyer and client agree that the lawyer will assist the client with only a part of the case.

For instance, a lawyer might limit his or her services to advice, or to assisting with creating a legal document. Another example would be when a lawyer attends a court hearing on behalf of the client. If the client feels confident that she or he can adequately represent herself or himself in other parts of the case, this can be a cost-effective way for a client to hire a lawyer.

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We represent our clients with the zealous advocacy necessary to achieve their goals. Our family law attorneys understand that divorces, child custody and support, and property division issues can be contentious matters. We aggressively work on behalf of our clients to protect their rights and obtain the outcome that is best for their family. 

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